Esther Beraha AKA Ana Esther Soued, is a contemporary and abstract Jewelry Designer and Metalsmith artist who lives and works in Miami, Florida.

A native of Caracas, Venezuela, Esther has always been fascinated by nature, free forms have always been present in her art, abstraction is a constant in her pieces and its reflected in the geometrical shapes and clean lines of her sculptural work. As the artist explain;” The most satisfying element of my work is that my pieces always transmit something different to the viewer”.

After completing her degree in Business Administration in 1990, she enrolled in a metalsmith academy in Caracas where she spends 4 years learning the aspect of metal work experience through working with gemstones, patinas, thickness, shapes and properties of different types of metals and many other techniques. After she concluded her studies in 1994, she enrolled simultaneously in two silversmith academies where she gains more knowledge and expertise.

In 1995 Esther moved to Charlotte, NC where she opened a gallery and continue designing one of a kind wearable pieces, small scale sculptures and utilitarian art objects. At that time, she was also teaching metalsmith classes at her gallery.

In 2000 she moves to Miami opens her own metalsmith studio, from 2004-2016 she was a professor teaching jewelry making and gemology at Miami International University of Art and Design for the School of fashion – Accessory design, and in 2014 she taught jewelry making at Miami Dade College for the School of Philosophy and Art.

In 2011 she obtains her Master’s Degree in Fine Arts, Visual Arts at Miami International University.

Esther’s First group exhibition was in 1990 Utilitarian Silver Work in Venezuela and her first solo show was in 1996 at First Light Gallery, Charlotte NC. Since then she has exhibited in various countries individually and collectively in galleries and museums. The last exhibition her pieces were showcased was in 2018, The Ames Maison Museum, Massachusetts.

Her artistic work has been featured in many magazines, newspapers and websites in United States and Venezuela.

Esther is a Co-founder of the Venezuelan Association of Metalsmith (AVOJ).She is a  member of the Florida Society of Goldsmith, Miami Mineralogical and Lapidary Guild, Society of American Silversmith, Woman Jewelry Association and  Fashion Group International, and has maintained her own studio since 1993. Esther also teaches metalsmith classes since 2008 in the Arts Park in Hollywood where she is the head of the metal department of the City of Hollywood.


Collective Exhibitions

  • 1990 Utilitarian Silver Works, Alexis de la Sierra Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela.
  • 1991 Light and Devotions, Collective Fire Arts, Avepane 91, Caracas, Venezuela.
  • 1992 34 Metalsmith, Alexis de la Sierra Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela.
  • 1993 Annual Metalsmith art exhibition, Caracas, Venezuela.
  • 1994 Objects de Modes Exhibition, Venezuela Consulate, New York, New York.
  • 1996 Old St. James Exhibition, Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • 1997 XXIV Fire Arts Exhibition, National salon of Fire Arts, Valencia, Venezuela.
  • 1999 Rising Stars Arts Exhibition, Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • 2001 Orlando Museum of Contemporary Art, La Lengua Viva Exhibition, Orlando, Florida.
  • 2002 Venezuelan Metalsmith Exhibition, Venezuelan Consulate, New York, New York.
  • 2005 Anita London Memorial Exhibition, St Petersburg, Florida.
  • 2010 Art Exhibition, MIUAD Gallery, Miami, Florida.
  • 2011 The Key  Art Exhibition, Boca Raton, Florida.
  • 2012 Arts Park Gallery, Hollywood, Florida.
  • 2018 The Ames Mansion Museum, Boston, Massachusetts.


Solo Exhibitions 

  • 1996 First Light Gallery, Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • 1997 L’ Argento Gallery, Pineville, North Carolina.
  • 1998 L’ Argento Gallery, Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • 1999 Noel Gallery, Charlotte, North Carolina.